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Optical Gallery offers customized, personal services for your optometry needs. From exams to eyewear, we are your one-stop-shop for everything eye related.

Glasses at Optical Gallery in Kearney, NE.
Optical Gallery, Kearney NE

Eye Exams


Dr. Mandy Johnson uses our optometric technology, her knowledge, and her experience, to provide thorough eye health and vision tests. In addition to eye exams, we provide diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and infections as well as the removal of foreign bodies.

We recommend yearly comprehensive eye exams for all adults. Make an appointment today for optimal eye health.

Eye Emergency? Call 308-234-9913 or 308-236-5935.


Children have very specific eye care needs. Annual eye exams are critical to your child’s eye health and vision. Children with uncorrected vision conditions may have trouble academically, socially, and athletically. Detection of eye conditions at an early age will aid in successful eye and vision development as your child grows.

We recommend yearly eye exams for all school-aged children and stress the importance of a comprehensive eye exam before starting kindergarten. 

Call 308-234-9913 or 308-236-5935 to schedule an appointment.

Frames from Ray-Ban, DNKY, Columbia, Vera Wang, Oakley, Nine West, Kate Spade, Banana Republic And More!

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Ray Ban glasses, Optical Gallery, Kearney NE
Banana Republic Eyewear, Optical Gallery, Kearney NE
Columbia Eyewear, Optical Gallery, Kearney NE
Jimmy Choo glasses, Optical Gallery, Kearney NE
Nine West Eyewear, Optical Gallery, Kearney NE
Kate Spade Glasses, Optical Gallery, Kearney NE
Vera Wang Eyewear, Optical Gallery, Kearney NE
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Oakley glasses, Optical Gallery, Kearney NE
Optical Technology at Optical Gallery in Kearney, NE.

Optical Technology

To offer the best possible care for our patients, we use state-of-the-art optical technology. Our Zeiss Cirrus retinal camera allows us to diagnose and manage glaucoma and retinal disease in their earliest stages.

LASIK Consultations at Optical Gallery in Kearney, NE.

LASIK Consultations

Are you considering LASIK (Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) surgery? We offer preoperative assessments and postop care. Contact us with questions.

Optical Services at Optical Gallery in Kearney, NE.

Optical Shop

When you need vision correction, we help you do it in style. Choose from our amazing selection of ophthalmic and sunglass frames. We will recommend frames and single or multifocal lenses that are right for your lifestyle. We also offer anti-reflective coatings to help with glare, blue-light filters, transitions, polarization, and UV protection for our lenses.

If you prefer contact lenses, Dr. Johnson is able to fit spherical, toric (astigmatism), and multifocal contact lenses to correct almost any type of prescription.

Full List of Our Services:
  • Comprehensive Eye Exams for All Ages
  • Treatment for Eye Infections/Red Eye Treatment
  • Glaucoma & Cataract Evaluations
  • LASIK Consultations
  • Pre and post-op care
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Contact Lenses
    • Spherical
    • Astigmatism
    • Multifocal
    • Rigid Gas Permeable
  • Glasses Frames
    • Designer
    • Trendy
    • Classic
    • Adult & Children’s Styles
  • Safety Glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Emergency Eye Appointments

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